"Guitarist Nilko Andreas Guarin plays with casual charisma and spontaneity that grows irresistible” 

Backstage, New York.

“Das Publikum honorierte das virtuose Zusammenspiel der beiden Künstler mit reichlich Applaus”
“The audience rewarded the virtuous interaction between the two artists with plenty of applause”

“Kolumbien zu gast in Wildthurn”
“Colombia welcomed in Wildthurn, Germany”

Landauer zeitung, Munich
The Landauer Newspaper

“Der fabelhafte Gitarrist beeindruckt auf scholss Wildthurn”
“The fabulous guitarist Nilko Andreas impresses Schloss Wildthurn”

Landauer zeitung, Munich
The Landauer Newspaper

“Eine ganze reihe Lieder und Tangos spielte Andreas als solo virtuos, emotional, voller Spannung ohne auch nur im geringsten kitschig oder schwulstig zu sein”

“A whole series of lieder Nilko Andreas played as solo virtuosity, emotional, full of tension without even the slightest to be cheesy or turgid”

Landauer zeitung, Munich
The Landauer Newspaper

“Le public a été enchanté par la somptueuse musique du guitariste Colombien Nilko Andreas”
“The Audience was enchanted by the magnificent music of Colombian guitarist Nilko Andreas”
La Manche Libre, Granville, FRANCE

“La magnifica musica compuesta por Nilko Andreas no pudo haber sido mejor, complemento perfecto para la Obra de Garcia Lorca que recibio todos los galardones posibles”
El diario la prensa, NEW YORK

“Nilko Andreas is a gifted Musician, and a great performer”.
Rafael Puyana, Paris 2009

Remarks by Colombian former president

Dear friends, the pre-Colombian gold and the legendary treasures of El Dorado which surround us this evening are masterfully accompanied by the musical chords of Colombian guitarist, Nilko Andreas Guarín. I am proud to present this talented artist who has rediscovered and revalued the magnificent contribution that the composer Guillermo Uribe Holguín made to the Colombian and Latin-American music. Andres Pastrana, (Former Colombian President)  

Concert in Bogota, Colombia 2009

Enterview from a concert in Swizertland

Enterview about Carnegie Hall debut 2009