A NYC based world Music chamber ensemble inspired by Ernesto Ocampo’s teachings of unification of cultures through studying ancestral concepts of our existence.


EZGI Karakus, Cello/Voice, COLEEN Dieker, Violin/Voice, LIZ Chidester, Voice/Guitar

NILKO Andreas, Guitar/Voice, FELIPE Fournier, Percussion

The PaleoFuturists  Presents: “Back to the Roots”:

An interactive concert that will focus on exploring sounds, rhythms, and melodies from remote parts of the world, such as the Andes region in South America, the Balkans, and traditional Celtic tunes. It will also highlight linear connections with other regions sharing similar musical histories. The artists will incorporate violin, cello, percussion, guitar, and vocals to explore these musical elements. The human voice, poetry, and instruments like these are timeless and universal, playing crucial roles in our cultural evolution. Composers featured in the concert hail from Colombia, Mexico, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, the US, Brazil, Spain, and beyond.